Dried Fruit

Dried apples & pears are a truly natural and healthy snack made from local fruit – grown, picked and prepared by hand on our East Sussex farm.

Dried fruit is an acquired taste. People are always sceptical when they first try it.
But after a few helpings they get used to it and some people even rave about it.
It is so healthy, and a snack that you can keep in your car glove box for emergencies.
It is ideal food for walkers – just put a packet in your pocket and nibble healthy food
as you walk along.

Dried apples are a school kids’ favourite. Nutricious, healthy and chewy.
It feels like a sweet treat but is all natural.

Dried pears are sweet and almost have a caramelised flavour.
Children seem to prefer apples – adults seem to prefer pears.

Which one is your favourite?