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We have been positively surprised by the echo of local people when we started laying out
bags of apples, pears and logs by our roadside entrance.
Thanks for all your support – keep spreading the word.

Compare Supermarket Prices for Pears
Compare Supermarket Prices for Apples

Horse Apples (ground apples / windfalls)
We need feedback from the local horse community about what it is we can do for you.
Please send us an email if you have any suggestions.

Apple Varieties for sale
– Braeburn
– Cox
– Discovery
– Egremont Russet
– Falstaff
– Gala apples (Price Comparison)
– Golden Delicious
– Jonagold
– Katy
– Orange Pippin
– Russet
– Royal Gala
– Spartan
– Sturmer Pippin

– Worcester

Pear Varieties for sale
– Conference Pears
– Williams Pears
– Comice Pears
– Winter Nelis

If you have any other requests please contact us.